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This year more than ever we are grateful to those of you who choose handcrafted original art in support of small businesses

Sage Art Utah is a women-owned USA business comprised of four female artists who create handmade original art to sell online in our retail store in Ogden, Utah.  We strive to provide art that is both inspiring and brings happiness to your life.  Sage Art Utah we provide small group intimate classes where we teach you the skills behind our passion, our artistic mediums.  We have three teaching artists that host adult art classes in Utah. 

Susan Snyder is a naturalist who produces stunning watercolor paintings inspired by her keen eye focused on nature. Kate Bruce produces bright and bold acrylic paintings of flowers and charming animals that are sure to make you smile.  Amie Preston hand forges silver and copper jewelry that has a story to tell, deliberate in its creation and engaging in its presentation.  Barb Crosbie uses her muddy hands in Alabama to shape fantastic functional forms

Susan Snyder paints striking images of nature in watercolors using her naturalist eye and skilled hand.  Her work moves beyond the lens of a camera to show character, depth and associations in nature.

Nature captured on canvas

Amie creates stunning silver jewelry that she designs with the upmost attention to detail.  Making a piece of art that is going to carry on its story when you wear it requires that the weight, color, reflection and shape work when it is worn.  The slow-crafting and hand forging ensures the story of these pieces will continue as you wear them time and time again.

Stunning OIGI jewelry

Kate Bruce's bright, bold and only original paintings will bring joy to your home.  As a contemporary expressionist, Kate is comfortable exploring through the use of color, line and shape to create bright bold paintings with depth and texture

bright, bold blossoms

Barb Crosbie creates functional and whimsical pottery that is grounded in the natural world.  Her training as a biologist and time as a field ecologist are evident in her water and wood functional pottery, the fish dishes she creates and the thrown then altered bird sculptures.

Fun & functional pottery