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wine or whiskey tumblers handcrafted pottery
wine or whiskey tumblers handcrafted pottery
wine or whiskey tumblers handcrafted pottery
Barb Crosbie - Earth in Art Pottery

wine or whiskey tumblers handcrafted pottery


wood and water

On her potter's wheel Barb likes to take her time and make a number of functional pieces that you can use in your kitchen to serve coffee, tea, hot chocolate or the drink that suits your fancy.  You can choose from mugs,  tumblers, pitchers, creamers and sugar pots.  Each is thrown from a single ball of clay on her pottery wheel.  Once the vessel is leather hard, Barb pulls handles that she shapes and attaches to the piece.  Her pitchers have a cut away spout as is commonly chosen in french style pottery.  

All of Barb's pottery is kitchen friendly and food safe.  It can go into your microwave, dishwasher, oven and freezer.  You can feel safe putting food and drink into these stoneware pieces that are glazed using non-toxic materials.

The cups or wine tumblers are perfect for the dinner table or socializing afterwards.

The woodgrain line is made from mixed clay and each has a unique pattern similar to the pattern formed by trees.  Its mixing depends on the degree of wedging and length of time the clay is worked with on the wheel.  It is a mesmerizing process. 

Waterfall captures the essence of water flowing through a stream and comprised of rich deep blues running down the pot.  Colorful coast is a dreamy combination of mauve, light blues and cream over a dark chocolate brown.  Mossy log is a mixing of deep green, brown, golden hues and bit of aqua blue.  It reflects the variability of the color of the many species of moss.  Snowy stroll is a mixture of cream, white and golds and is reminiscent of walking through a snow covered forest in the late afternoon or early morning light.  

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