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Whimsy clay birds small and sweet
Whimsy clay birds small and sweet
Barb Crosbie - Earth in Art Pottery

Whimsy clay birds small and sweet


Barb takes a small ball of clay and throws a teardrop hollow form on her potter's wheel.  Once the air is trapped inside Barb then uses the counter-pressure it offers to shape the head, back and then pull the beak.  It's a fun process to watch the character of these little birds develop.  Once the birds are leather hard Barb pokes a hold in the base of them, carves a few distinguishing details and adds crests when needed.

Each bird is hand-painted to reflect the species it will become, often one that has be frequenting her bird feeders.  The fun part is that with fly paths and seasonal variability, this flock is ever changing.  Each bird is 3- 4" tall and approximately 2" wide.  Aren't they adorable?


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