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Pottery bird hanging planter
Pottery bird hanging planter
Pottery bird hanging planter
Barb Crosbie - Earth in Art Pottery

Pottery bird hanging planter


Blue spotted breast bluebird
Earthy whitebird

These pottery bird planters begin as a ball of clay that Barb transforms to a curved pot 3-4" tall and 5" in diameter.  The top of the pot was then altered to have 4 holes for hanging and a darling face with loads of character was created, no two are alike! These birds have been caught mid flight with extended wings. They are finished with jute string for hanging.

They do not have a hole in the bottom so they are best used with a cache pot (plastic pot placed inside the pot) or a layer of rock at the bottom for drainage.  This allows you to water the plants without having to take down the planter each time.  

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