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dinnerware pottery mugs plates cups bowls
dinnerware pottery mugs plates cups bowls
dinnerware pottery mugs plates cups bowls
Barb Crosbie - Earth in Art Pottery

dinnerware pottery mugs plates cups bowls


blue green algae on wood mug
snow covered wood
bubbling brook on woodgrain mug

On her potter's wheel Barb likes to take her time and make a number of functional pieces that you can use everyday.  Each is thrown from a single ball of clay on her pottery wheel.  Her plates have thicker rims to ensure durability.  The mugs are weighted properly, are easy to drink from and have generous handles.  Tumblers are perfect for water, wine or whiskey, can be put in the freezer to keep liquid cool and fit perfectly in your hand.  Bowls are made for cereal or ice cream to fit gently in your hand.  Pasta bowls are generous and flattened, and make a great choice for meals with sauces.  

All of Barb's pottery is kitchen friendly and food safe.  It can go into your microwave, dishwasher, oven and freezer.  You can feel safe putting food and drink into these stoneware pieces that are glazed using non-toxic materials.

The mugs hold between 14-16 oz of liquid or solid, or close to 2 cups.  Tumblers hold a generous pour.  Plates and pasta dishes are 10" in diameter.  Bowls are 5" in diameter and 3-4" tall.

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