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Buddha buddy pottery
Buddha buddy pottery
Barb Crosbie - Earth in Art Pottery

Buddha buddy pottery


Green leaves

Buddha buddy pottery planters are a fun way to combine your love of botany and pottery.  Barb starts with a ball, a bat and a wheel to begin the process of making these pots.  They are made from stoneware clay, either in white or terracotta, fired to over 2100 degrees F and perfect for your plants.  They are thrown on her potter's wheel and a day or two later the faces, bellies, coats and adornments are sculpted from the throw  form.  After a trip to the kiln they are ready for a little glaze.  An oxide stain is added to the face and belly and a glaze is used to give them a colored coat. 

The charm is in the character each original Buddha possesses.  Now add the plant and change the look.  Who remembers those old school doll heads that you could try our different hairstyles on?  Much like those doll heads these Buddhas change in appearance with the plant you choose.

Measurements are approximate.

7" in diameter

6" tall