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barb crosbie

Barb is a potter, a mess maker, teacher, a biologist and a steward of the earth; Earth in Art embodies these attributes. Her art incorporates elements from her natural surroundings and the people who have influenced her.  She loves to incorporate crocheted doilies from her mother, grandmother and aunts, and, natural elements such as shells, bark, leaves, seeds and found items.  The result is designs and forms that are dynamic always changing as her setting, experience and skills migrate, evolve and bloom. 

Barb started her career in clay in Canada, studying under some solid potters at DVSA,  After moving to northern Utah, she became largely self-sufficient while still learning on her own and in various workshops and classes.  Barb shared her enthusiasm for clay with kids and adults around her by teaching small classes.  After a move to upstate New York, she became involved in setting up a community studio with Schweinfurth Art Center in Auburn, New York.  Here she took classes, taught classes, sold her items and spread the joy of working in clay.  A move back to Utah found Barb once again working out of her own studio.  During her time here she started a community studio of her own. Barb found great joy in bringing people together with clay as the unifying ground. 

Barb strives to connect with people through her intention to design the clay into forms that reflect a part of her story.  Fish, canoes, mugs, these all speak to her time as a field biologist on the water in a canoe with a steaming mug of hot coffee gliding through the water as fish silently and secretly swim underneath.  As a practical person and one who tries to find daily purpose, Barb feels that functional art generates a piece that has dual purpose, beauty and a use in your home, her peace.  This pottery is functional, kitchen friendly and food safe.

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