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Amie Preston - OIGI Design

Amie Preston of Oigi Design makes unique handmade and handcrafted jewelry - wearable art.  She shares her knowledge in fun and educational silversmith classes, helping you create your own amazing, sterling silver jewelry. Join Amie and be inspired and delighted by your own designs. When she discovered her fascination of working with metal she had just start her twentieth year of work as an executive for a fast-paced fitness corporation. On a whim, she signed up for a silversmith class. In that first class she had an OIGI moment, it was life changing. Amie said, “O-I-Get-It!, I have found my passion, what I want to do for the rest of my life." After several years of instruction and planning Amie left that corporate world behind and now lives that dream.  Part of that dream and passion is to pass on her knowledge when teaching silversmith classes. She loves to share the experience of working with fire and metal! When a student takes a class Amie strives to generate the OIGI experience for each student. 
OIGI, pronounced 'oh-gee', is the acronym for Oh-I-Get-It. It's that moment when you put your hand to your forehead and say “Oh, I Get It!".  Sometimes that moment is life changing, a realization, an epiphany when you feel you’ve found what you want to do, what you're meant to do. Some only have to put hand to forehead, others needed a gentle tap and others; well... you get it. Sometimes it takes a big push to change direction, and it's worth it!